Simple, reliable in-clinic testing for canine angiostrongylosis

Canine angiostrongylosis is a serious disease with reported cases on the rise in many parts of the United Kingdom. Now there’s a simple blood test that detects Angiostrongylus vasorum —and unlike current testing methods, the IDEXX Angio Detect™ Test is not compromised by the intermittent presence of larvae in faeces.

Introducing the IDEXX Angio Detect™ Test

  • Point-of care blood test with accurate results in 15 minutes
  • Simplifies testing for staff and clients—no more 3-day faecal collection
  • Antigen test specific for the detection of current Angiostrongylus vasorum infection

Learn more about the benefits of the Angio Detect™.

Help vets throughout the United Kingdom stay vigilant against angiostrongylosis.

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